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Locate the tracking code on the label of your product. It will let you know information like the origin of the product and its agricultural and packaging date.

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What is traceability?

Traceability is a set of actions, measures and technical procedures which allow identifying and registering each product from its inception, to the end of the commercialization chain.

What is the difference between Tracking and Traceability?

The concept of "traceability" is used to describe the system that makes a record of the production chain, while the "Tracking" consists of the record of this information in the marketing chain points.

How did the requirement for traceability start?

The request was born formally since 2009 in the United States when it publish the PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative), this initiative is born due to the requirements of major retail chain in the U.S., who found the need to have information available about the product to track the phases where intervened, and thus immediately identify points where contamination could raise, if this were the case.

What is agricultural traceability?

The agricultural traceability consists of a system that allows tracking the entire production process from the origin of food until it was distributed to points of sale.

Its purpose is to detect quickly and effectively if an incident occurs, and at what point in the chain has taken place, to prevent the marketing and withdrawn of products from the market if they have already been commercialized. This system provides certainty for the consumer about the food they buy.