Agrícola Bay

Our mission

Producing high-quality vegetables and safety satisfying the needs of our customers while maintaining a sustainable economy. We are using the best technologies to be productive and we have competitive suppliers with the same philosophy as us. Provide good employment, promoting the development of our staff, meet our fiscal obligations and contributing to national development.


Being a pioneer and leader in developing healthy and natural foods that contribute with a better quality of life for the society. Under this principle Agricola Bay produces all its products with quality raw materials getting very pleasant taste and the maximum nutritional value attributes. Our products are internationally recognized and approved by countries with demanding quality controls.


  • Respect: Regarding the treatment we receive and we give.
  • Quality: Making things better every day.
  • Congruence: “We do what we said”.
  • Perseverance: Tenacious, persistent, willing to make the “second effort”.
  • Honesty: Ability to have a dialogue in which to express personal opinions honestly.
  • Harmony: Achieve team synergy, achieve that feeling of: I feel good, they look at me look good, things go well.